Welcome to the Next Generations Group, Portland, OR

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Welcome to the Next Generations Group dedicated to serving Portland, OR area (and now the world thanks to Zoom) descendants of/and Holocaust survivors, child survivors, immigrants and refugees, and friends in the community who want to help keep their stories and lessons alive and relevant.

3/20/20 Wise words from my  Rosalyn Kliot:

I admit to being an optimist but also a realist. This is a golden opportunity to discover yourself, to go inward, and find the great companion and friend to yourself…… you. Re-discover your childhood passions……. they are still within you. If you don’t play music or do art, then listen to music and look at art. These simple acts have almost the same positive effects on the brain.

Exercise, meditate, read, connect with friends and family in healthful ways, eat well……. and take good care of your mental state. Stress and anxiety lower resistance, and impact the immune system. Nothing lasts forever……. keeping a joyful attitude will get us through this crazy time somewhat less scathed. We are resilient.

Attitude is everything. And if you are seeking a few excellent films, check out ‘A Bag of Marbles’, and the making of Fiddler on the Roof, both on Kanopy. Rosalyn Kliot
Stay well,


On this site you will find pages for upcoming monthly Next Gen Get-togethers, community projects and events of interest, Next Gen resources, Get-together recaps and more. Please see “Timely Announcements” on this site for current announcements. For the most current updates please visit and like our Facebook page: Next Generations Group.

About: Next Generations Group, formed in 2011, is comprised of descendants of Holocaust survivors and refugees, and also includes survivors, refugees and other supporters impacted by the Holocaust who want to keep the stories and lessons alive and relevant. The group meets in the Portland, OR area for social, educational, and service projects. We thank the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, ​Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, ​and Congregation Beth Israel for their in-kind support.

To donate: There is no membership fee for Next Gen membership. We – coordinators, get-together speakers, event facilitators, and helpers all operate on a volunteer basis. Support from organizations are in-kind. To make a much appreciated donation to Next Generations Group, please visit https://ojmche.worldsecuresystems.com/donation-tribute.  Mark it as a “tribute donation” that you can designate to Next Generations Group. In the notice of donation made, put in Sue Wendel, 4804 NW Bethany Blvd., Suite I-2, #338, Portland, OR 97229.  Thank You!

For more information, or to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the email list for Next Generations Group monthly email announcements, please contact Diana Lindemann, Next Generations Group co-coordinator, at Diana2504@msn.com, or call 503-312-2530. Our website is nextgenerationsgroup.wordpress.com. Find us on Facebook for the most current news at “Next Generations Group.”

Next Gen Interest Groups:

We have a social group email list! To receive occasional email invites for social outings like movie nights, dinner nights, upcoming events, etc. please email Nurit at arton.kahana@gmail.com to be put on the Next Gen social group list. Once you are on the group list, you can send out social event info and invites.

Next Generations Group includes Holocaust survivors and refugees too. If you are a survivor or refugee and would like to receive emails about info and events please contact our survivor liaison Debbi Montrose at debbirm@aol.com

If you are interested in starting a 2nd Generation Discussion/Support Group please contact Diana2504@msn.com, or call Diana at 503-312-2530

For interest in sending and receiving info about social justice issues and events please contact Richard Lazere at rlazere@gmail.com.

We support our member’s interests through social, educational and volunteer projects; the Oregon Holocaust Memorial, and Holocaust education.  SB 664, mandating Holocaust and genocide education, has passed in 2019.  There are now over 11 states with such a mandate. Now the real work begins. See article in Oregon Jewish Life HERE. Contact Amanda Solomon, OJMCHE for info about the work being done.

2020 Next Generations Group Planning Committee: Lynne Chassin, Veronica Esagui, Diana Lindemann, Debbi Montrose, Deb Mrowka, Richard Lazere, Evie Oxman, Gabrielle Strassmann, Tanya Webber, Sue Wendel, Peter Wigmore.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Next Generations Group, Portland, OR

  1. diana

    I really like this website

  2. Thank you for posting the information!

    1. Sue Wendel

      You are so very welcome!

  3. Diana

    Thank you Tanya for an informative presentation. I love your in depth research and your reasoning for why the family stayed so long in Germany. Wow. I was very impressed with the information you had collected, such details!!
    You did alot of work on this project. Good Job!!

  4. Tanya

    End-Of-Year-Accolades to Diana and Sue for all the time and energy they expend keeping the Next Generations Group viable, educational and enjoyable!! – a truly colossal accomplishment!!

    1. Thank you Tanya. Couldn’t do it without your enthusiasm, participation, and support!

  5. Richard Lazere

    I miss our monthly meetings. I hope that everyone is well and staying optimistic. We will beat this virus thing!!
    Richard Lazere

    1. Thank you Richard. I miss them too! and I also hope everyone is well.

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