Are you a descendant of a Holocaust survivor, refugee, war veteren, or a supporter of keeping the story and lessons alive and relevant? 

Would you like to be part of a group in Portland, Oregon that shares similar ancestry, life experiences, and interests?

Next Generations Group, formed in 2011, meets monthly for camaraderie, films, guest speakers, lively discussion, community projects, and more. We are affiliated with, support, and share in the mission of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

As a group we explore our past, present, and look to the future. Our group also includes refugees, survivors, OJMCHE speaker bureau and board members, and people impacted by the Holocaust. We volunteer for various Jewish community projects, and have become Oregon Holocaust Memorial docents and OJMCHE Speakers Bureau members, among many other activities. In the future we hope to be able to offer a book circle, a film group, and a social action group, just to name a few. In 2014 we formed a planning committee to help guide yearly programming. In 2016 we created an informal Next Gen “meetup” email list to let each other know about social activities.

Please take the Next Gen survey if you would like to help guide programming: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/69VMWK8

For more information, or to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the email list for the Next Generations Group get-togethers and related announcements, please contact Diana Lindemann, Next Generations Group coordinator, at Diana2504@msn.com, or call 503-312-2530.

For information about the Speakers Bureau, being a Memorial docent, please contact April Slabosheski, OJMCHE Holocaust Educator at aslabosheski@ojmche.org.

For information about a 2nd Generation Discussion/Support Group for children of survivors please contact Dr. Lovenstein directly at: therapy.dr.aart@gmail.com, or visit www.dr-aart.com

For information about the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education please visit www.ojmche.org.


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