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Next Generations Group Announcements & Items of Interest
Updated 5/30/17
For more up-to-date info see our Facebook page Next Generations Group

Hi Next Gen Group and Friends,

Please join us at our June Next Generations Group Get-together
Sunday, June 25th,
 1 to 3 pm, with Rosalyn Kliot

Rosalyn Kliot
Rosalyn is many things: a child survivor, a daughter of survivors, an OJMCHE Speaker’s Bureau and Next Gen member, an author, and an artist.

Her family’s background beginning in Poland/Lithuania  is a tapestry of a vibrant life pre-war, life in the ghetto, resistance, deportation, concentration camps, a daring escape, her birth in Lodz, Poland, life in Germany, and eventual emigration  to America in 1947.

Five Fish - R. Kliot        My Father's Book by Rosalyn Kliot

Rosalyn will augment her story with her own artwork and writings. Rosalyn states, “My art, on the surface, is antithesis to my family history….. it looks very joyful  and colorful…….. yet certain pieces are directly related to stories I grew up with. This piece (above)  is a commentary about five Jewish resistors who were captured and hung up on hooks….I could not  get my mind around that, but also could not get that image out of my mind….I had to express it in my own way… metaphorically.” She will also share passages from her memoir to her father “My Father’s Book” as well as passages from her dad’s memoir.

You won’t want to miss hearing Rosalyn’s story – how family history, and stories of the past effect who we are, what we do, and how we express ourselves.

1 to 1:30 – Munch & Mingle

1:30 to 2:30 – Rosalyn Kliot presentation, Q&A

2:30 to 3 – Wrap-up, announcements.

Location: Temple Beth Israel, Schnitzer Family Center

Semler Boardroom, 1972 NW Flanders

As always, an RSVP and a snack item to share are appreciated.

Please RSVP to me or to Diana Lindemann, diana2504 @msn.com


Sue & Diana, Co-coordinators: Next Generations Group

Web: nextgenerationsgroup.wordpress.com FB: Next Generations Group

Save the date for the Next Gen Book Club, Sat., June 17, 4 pm. We will watch The Devil’s Arithmetic. Contact Veronica for details – handson13@hotmail.com

About: Next Generations Group, formed in 2011, is comprised of descendants of Holocaust survivors and refugees, and includes survivors, refugees and others supporters impacted by the Holocaust. The group meets In the Portland, OR area for social, educational and service projects. We are associated with the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.
For more information, or to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the email list for Next Generations Group announcements, please contact Diana Lindemann, Next Generations Group coordinator, at Diana2504@msn.com, or call 503-312-2530. Our website is nextgenerationsgroup.wordpress.com. Find us on Facebook at “Next Generations Group.”
For information about the exhibits, programs, membership, and events at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education visit: www.ojmche.org.

Thank you to Temple Beth Israel for their support and use of a meeting space.


Recap: May 21, Next Generations Group Get-together: 

Panel discussion with Dr. Lazere and Dr. Lovenstein helps to resolve our concerns, invigorate energy to take action.

Thank you Richard Lazere and Aart Lovenstein for presenting your professional perspectives and leading a very constructive discussion about “living in these interesting times.”

Your insights about coping with anxiety, and suggestions on finding productive ways to deal with them were empowering and inspiring. As a group, we seemed to share similar concerns, offering advice as well; and we learned from each other that we are very active doing things to improve our communities.

We were also happy to have new faces from Hadassah, Never Again Coalition, Kol Shalom and others join us. We hope to continue this dialogue at a future Get-together. Stay tuned.

Please see our FB page “Next Generations Group” for much more info.

With warmest appreciation to Richard and Aart, and all who participated in the panel discussion. And thank you to OJMCHE for their support, and Temple Beth Israel for providing the meeting space.

All the best,
Sue Wendel and Diana Lindemann
Co-coordinators: Next Generations Group: FB: Next Generations Group Website: nextgenerationsgroup.wordpress.com

About the panel discussion: We live in uncertain times . . . political forces in government have emboldened far right movements, raising the specter of Nativism and Anti-Semitism, among others. Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized, swastika graffiti has become widespread along with threat-filled communication to Jewish persons and institutions. Also rising for many of us are levels of concern and anxiety.

The current political scene can be rather unsettling, even frightening at times. How do we as survivors, descendants, and supporters of “never again”, make sense of our emotions, build resilience, and find ways to have a positive impact on ourselves and our social environment during these stressful times?

On May 21st, the Next Generations Group Get-together held a panel discussion format to address our concerns and how we might respond to best effect. The two panelists will start off talking about some of their observations of concerns of the day, and then open the floor up for a group discussion.
About the panelists:

Richard Lazere, Ph.D graduated from the University of Iowa, earned an M.A. from Long Island University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo in Canada—all in psychology. Richard was born in the Bronx and grew up in Queens and then Long Island, New York. He grew up in a home in which social justice was preached and practiced. Professionally, Richard’s career as a psychologist has included positions at OHSU, the Morrison Center, as a private practitioner, and as a psychology instructor at Portland State University and the University of Portland. Upon “retirement,” in 2001 he began teaching Psychology at PCC, which he continues to do presently.

Aart Lovenstein, PsyD, LPC received his master’s degree in psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and his doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D) from the University of Denver in 1989. Aart was born to Dutch Holocaust survivors, grew up in Holland and immigrated to Israel as a teenager. He served as a psychologist in the Israeli Army treating combat and stress reactions in soldiers, most notably in the Lebanon War. Upon receiving his doctorate he treated first and second-generation Holocaust survivors in Israel, and victims of terror and abuse. Upon his return to the USA in 1994 he has worked at Washington County Community Corrections and Western Psychological and Counseling Services, as well as in private practice. He also taught a long-running course: Psychology of Trauma at Portland State University. Aart is on extended medical leave of absence and hopes to return to his practice in the future.



Next Gen News – 

1. Next Gen Club Book is facilitated by Rosalyn Kliot and its members and meets monthly. The club is limited in size and there are only a couple of openings left. Please email Rosalyn directly if interested. rkliot@msn.com

2. Due to the many social action groups that exist, Richard Lazere will become our Next Gen Social Justice Liaison. If interested or have any announcements to share, please email him directly at rlazere@gmail.com.

3. If you are interested to be on the Next Gen “social group” email list to be notified about movies, events, outings etc. of interest, please email Nurit Kahana at arton.kahana@gmail.com

4. Debbi Montrose is our Next Generations Group Survivor and OJMCHE liaison, as we are open to Survivors at any of our events and participate in many OJMCHE events. If you are a survivor or refugee and would like to receive notices from Debbi directly, please email her at debbirm@aol.com. Thank you Debbi for taking on the important role.


Volunteer Opps

1. Sun. June 11 – Volunteer Greeters needed. Grand Opening of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education Grand Opening, Sunday, June 11, 12pm-4pm; Free and open to the public. Exhibitions, galleries, cafe, gift shop and more! OJMCHE still has room for a few more volunteers. You can be part of our exciting grand opening as you join our volunteer team and help staff our gorgeous new home. You will interact with visitors from around the world as a guest services or gift shop volunteer. Ideal candidates would be able to commit to a minimum of three hours once a week. For more information please contact, Heather Brunner at hbrunner@ojmche.org.

2.  July-Oct – Volunteer opps: Public docent led tours of the Memorial 1 to 2 pm. Volunteer greeters needed. Contact April, OJMCHE at aslabosheski@ojmche.org
Sunday, July 2
Sunday, August 6
Sunday, September 3
Sunday, October 1
It would be fantastic to have 1-2 people who are interested in greeting the public from about 12:30-1pm on tour days – anybody who would like to greet visitors passing through, tell them about the memorial, answer questions, and urge them to attend a 1:00 pm tour.

3.  From Jewish Family and Child Service: Ongoing. Jewish Family & Child Service (JFCS) provides social services that improve the lives of adults, families, and children in the Jewish and general communities. For volunteer projects visit  http://jfcs-portland.org/giving/volunteer/. To receive their monthly enews: http://jfcs-portland.org/


If you have any ideas for get-togethers or service projects in 2017 please fill out our survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/69VMWK8 or contact Diana Lindemann Diana2504@msn.com, or call 503-312-2530.

For information about the exhibits, programs, and membership at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education visit: www.ojmche.org. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OregonJewishMuseum?fref=ts

2017 Recaps

Recap March 26th – Next Gen Get-together

Thank you Jeffry Gottfried for sharing stories of your family and their courageous actions of resistance in Germany and Holland during WWII. It was an inspiring presentation of survival, resourcefulness, and selfless contributions that saved hundreds if not thousands of Jewish lives. And of most timely value as well.

Jeff talk for website

Recap: Sun. April 16 – Next Gen Book Club. Author Laurence Overmire attended. Hosted by Veronica Esagui

The next book club members read is one that has drawn worldwide attention, a philosophical work titled, The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action. Author Laurence Overmire calls it “a blueprint for world peace.” It has been widely acclaimed for its compassionate, common sense approach to many of the world’s most pressing issues.

Overmire was at the meeting on April 16th to discuss his book and answer questions. He is an accomplished author, speaker and a very active advocate for peace, social justice and the environment. For more info please visit http://www.laurenceovermire.com

Next Gen Group 2017 Recaps – see Recaps page.


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